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Computer Education

The institution has its large will equipped computer lab with all modern and latest facilities and is run by a team of qualified teacher. Computer Education (both theory and practical) is compulsory for all the student. Technological advancement affects every aspect of our society. The technology is changing with rapid speed and now the computer are becoming inseparable part of our lives. Since Education is an important part for our lives, computer are being introduced to the students as early as possible. Computer education in Oasis School started in the year 2016 and at present it is at par with the best and latest in computer industry. Our aim is not only to secure good marks in exam but also to make the student learn student learn and use computer as an effective tool.

Moral Training

A course of Moral Instruction is given to all. Moral instruction includes the study of the foundation of right conduct, of our relation to God, to society, to the environment and to oneself. The schools considers this as an essential part of character – training and it would be guilty of flagrant neglect of duty should the students leave the school without knowing about these, especially in a country where religion is so highly esteemed. The students ought to leave the school ably prepared to work for: God and Country". The year one spends in school is also the time in which the students acquire solid principles of action as a foundation of life.


We believe that Library is a treasure house of any education Institution and play a vital role in child's development. The school has well stocked library for the students. Each class in allotted one period in their weekly timetable for issunace of books and gathering extra knowledge apart from their day-to-day academic syllabus. Library offers all the major English newspaper magazines on current affair books on moral value story book journals etc. All the library material are approach and scanned properly before being shelved. School management has specially eye for its advancement and for that there is a qualified librarian and staff to assist.

Social and Physical Training

Intramural games and sports are conducted to give maximum opportunity to every boy and girl-student to develop his/her student talents for leadership, sportsmanship and team sprit. Principles of trust, co-operation, self-reliance, hard work and honesty are inculcated in great measure through co curricular activities in the school. Some of the co-curricular activities encouraged at Oasis School are: public speaking, dramatics, drawing and painting, music and singing; excursions and educational tours. The house system (In the high school) controls most of these activities.

1. For physical education one hundred marks per term will be included in the general proficiency at the end of the school year.
2. The games period is compulsory for all and all should take part in it.
3. Students should have their respective house dress. This is part of the school uniform.
4. Students selected for the school – team should be prepared to stay on after the class hours and even come on holidays for coaching and team practice. They should be ready to represent the school irrespective of place, date and time.

Value Education

The school strongly believes that proper IQ is possible only with proper training in Value Education and Emotional Maturity. The teachers are encouraged to teach values of life while teaching their respective subjects. The school diary carries a particular value for each week. A reflection on each value is shared by the teachers and students during a specified period every week.


Well equipped composite laboratory for physics, Chemistry and Biology with adequate furniture and laboratory material sufficient upto secondary level..